Laser Tag Gaming is a great product for everyone to enjoy. There is no pain involved and is 100% safe. Kids from 5 years can already play. We created a outdoor battlefield, each individual is equipped with a gun attached to a sling and a head band where the sensors are located. Only head shots count and guns can "shoot" over a distance of 100 m. The guns make use of infra-red technology and is harmless to the eyes. Scores are kept by a integrated computer system, after each game players can see their scores displayed on a screen. This is also a great venue for company events and we can accommodate groups up to 40 people under our battlefield lapa. We have a bar on site with a bon fire area. You can already rent out this venue exclusively. This includes unlimited gaming (a minimum of 2 hours is required per booking). We can cater for your event at the venue. Bookings are not essential and you can pop by any time and play a game of laser tag. Games are all 20 minutes at N$80 per person.
Laser tag Laser gun shoot


Team Elimination

(20 lives, unlimited ammo, best team wins)

Immortal teams

(unlimited lives, unlimited ammo, highest team score wins)

Last man standing

(20 lives, free for all, no teams, best player wins)

Immortal Arena

(no teams, unlimited lives, unlimited ammo, highest score wins)


(Teams, only 3 lives, only one bullet per shot, reloading take 10 seconds!)

Zombies vs. Humans

(2x more humans than zombies, 20 lives for zombies, 10 lives for humans, a human will become a zombie when is killed by a zombie, humans can kill zombies)


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